“I’m only 16 but I’m a senior in high school. I plan to go to college next year and study political science. That’s my favorite subject. I really want to run for public office someday—maybe congress. I’m not sure I aspire to become president.

The highlight of my life was the two years I lived in Japan with my parents and family. When my Japanese friends learned that I had held a gun and actually shot the gun, they thought I was a monster. Hearing their perspective on gun control was very enlightening especially for someone like me who’s interested in political science and hopefully running for office some day.”

Wow! Thanks for swimming around my little blog. I'm awestruck!

Okay so here's the deal. There's no pressure. My blog is all about meeting God just as you are right where you are. Full of doubt; without a doubt. Raised fist or raised glass. Flip flops or stilettos. You are welcome!

I'm thrilled we're taking this journey together!


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