M.Div., Certified Spiritual Director

Hi y’all! So glad to see you here!

That pink cup I’m holding is in memory of my sister who unexpectedly succumbed to breast cancer at the young age of 41. Although it’s hidden, over my left shoulder is a picture of my dad in the prime of his life dressed in his WWII US Army Air Corps uniform. No one would have ever expected this gentle giant, not only in stature but also in faith, would become a minister who would help so many people celebrate new life and mourn loss. No one would have ever expected his life would end in suicide.

I know what it’s like to doubt. I understand what it’s like to have fear grip you with its bare teeth. I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and fail to recognize the person staring back at you. I know how it feels to be clawed by worry. If you have ever wondered where God is hiding, I relate. More than these, I know the joy of being free.

Here’s what I want you to know:

Inside you is a Light, implanted by God in the beginning and belonging entirely to God even now.

Participating in spiritual direction helps you remember what’s been inside you all along. Call it a soul, a sacred space, Light, Love, or Hope. Jesus referred to it in John 14 when he told his followers that the Spirit would help them remember everything he had taught them.

Spiritual direction helps you remember who you are in God. You are God’s beloved.

Life is full of the unexpected. God’s love is always coming. God’s love is always present. It is like awakening from a deep sleep.

Wow! Thanks for swimming around my little blog. I'm awestruck!

Okay so here's the deal. There's no pressure. My blog is all about meeting God just as you are right where you are. Full of doubt; without a doubt. Raised fist or raised glass. Flip flops or stilettos. You are welcome!

I'm thrilled we're taking this journey together!


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