What would we give to know peace?

We pray for peace.
We search for peace.
We read “how to” books on peace.
We practice yoga, pop pills, change jobs, swap partners, have a glass of wine.
We travel far and wide to find peace.

We want to “get away.”

We pay lots of money in the hopes of finding peace.
We board airplanes, cruise ships, and SUVs.
We escape to the beach, the mountains, the spa. Each year, eight million of us go to Hawaii because Hawaii is purported to be the most peaceful state in the United States.

But the vacation ends. The euphoria wears off. The new job gets old. And the search begins all over again.

Because when we say we “just wanna find peace,” what we really mean is that we want to find a person.

Peace is not a place; peace is a person.
Peace is not a thing or an it; peace is a He.
Peace is not out there; he’s in here.

Peace is not knowing who I am; peace is knowing the Great I AM.
Peace is not about holding a certain future; peace is knowing the One who holds the future.
Peace is not knowing great health; peace is knowing the Great Physician.
Peace is not about having everything; peace is knowing the One who gave everything.
Peace is not about holding the hands of the ones you love forever; peace is the One who holds forever in his hands.
Peace is not conquering your fears; peace is knowing the One who conquered the grave.
Peace is not about knowing you can pay your debts on time; peace is knowing the One who paid the debt for all time.
Peace is not about finding your soulmate; peace is about finding the Lover of your soul.
Peace is not a symbol; peace is a Savior.

What if all the songwriters and poets rather than using the word PEACE used the name Jesus?

What if the words to John Lennon’s song “Imagine” went like this:

Imagine all the people
living life in Jesus

When angels announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds in the field, they sang:

“Glory to God in the highest and on earth PEACE.”

And we sing:

“Peace on earth and mercy mild. God and sinners reconciled.”

This is the full love story of Christmas: Peace comes to us as a baby in a manger, peace grew up to be a man, peace died on a cross, peace rose from the grave, and peace lives!

Peace has a name.

His name is Jesus.


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