“When I was 14 months old, I became very sick with pneumonia. The doctor was called to our house–not to attend to me, but to help my mother who was giving birth to my baby brother. After my brother was born, the doctor saw how sick I was and picked me up to take me to the hospital. Before he left, he told my mother, ‘I don’t know if I’ll bring her home. Her eyes have set in her head. I think she’s gone.’

But I wasn’t gone and I did return home. And here I am–91 years later. And I still don’t like sour cream. The doctor told my mother to give me sour cream to rebuild my immune system. I still don’t like sour cream.”

Wow! Thanks for swimming around my little blog. I'm awestruck!

Okay so here's the deal. There's no pressure. My blog is all about meeting God just as you are right where you are. Full of doubt; without a doubt. Raised fist or raised glass. Flip flops or stilettos. You are welcome!

I'm thrilled we're taking this journey together!


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