Reflections on Spiritual Direction

What I Have Forgotten

Mercy has left the tent! Cherubim gasp! God is set free!      Fleeing the temple      Ripping the veil to shreds in rapid departure      Eager to call a new home! God lives here now.      Not up there.      Down here. Not over yonder.      Right here. The...

Something Like Water

Reflections on Spiritual Direction It seems that there once were some fish who spent their days swimming around in search of water. Anxiously looking for their destination, they shared their worries and confusion with each other as they swam. One day they met a wise...

Wow! Thanks for swimming around my little blog. I'm awestruck!

Okay so here's the deal. There's no pressure. My blog is all about meeting God just as you are right where you are. Full of doubt; without a doubt. Raised fist or raised glass. Flip flops or stilettos. You are welcome!

I'm thrilled we're taking this journey together!


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