What I Have Forgotten

Caught between forgetting and knowing.

Peace Has A Name

His name is Jesus.

Peace. For Real.

Sometimes I think the best I’ll ever do is to imagine peace. Like John Lennon wrote, “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” Actually, when I allow myself to think hard about peace, I can’t even imagine all the people living in peace...

Why It Wasn’t An Affair Back Then Either

Nowhere in the Bible is the abuse of power more blatant than in the story of King David and his subject Bathsheba. Yet, somehow, over the centuries the truth of the narrative has been denied, misinterpreted, and reinterpreted until a King with...

Why It’s Not An Affair: Part 2

In the most formative years of women’s lives, women have been taught to submit to male spiritual authority. Not out of fear for our lives. Much worse. Out of fear for our souls.

Why It’s Not an Affair

Recently, God has called me to walk the spiritual journey with a survivor of clergy malpractice. In my own pilgrimage to understand this heart-rending subject, I came across this article during my research. It's a five-minute read that...

Peace Has a Name

What would we give to know peace? We pray for peace. We search for peace. We read "how to" books on peace. We practice yoga, pop pills, change jobs, swap partners, have a glass of wine. We travel far and wide to find peace. We want to "get...


For the first time this morning, after reading the story of Jesus' birth foretold, I heard Mary ask the angel, "How?" Before she said, "Yes," Mary asked, "How?" "How will this happen?" she asked. Scared half out of her wits by the angel's...

One Glorious Yes Undid the Mess

I've made a mess of things. My first awareness of my potential to make a mess was at the tender age of six. Faced with an earth moving decision requiring a Caterpillar D10N bulldozer, I played in the dirt and made my first mess. I consulted my...

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