What I Have Forgotten

Caught between forgetting and knowing.

Peace Has A Name

His name is Jesus.

What I Have Forgotten

Mercy has left the tent! Cherubim gasp! God is set free!      Fleeing the temple      Ripping the veil to shreds in rapid departure      Eager to call a new home! God lives here now.      Not up there.      Down here. Not over yonder.      Right here. The...

“Very Good.”

"Spiritual direction is about rediscovering the 'very good' in yourself and in others that God saw in the beginning and still sees even now. ~ Gayle

Something Like Water

Reflections on Spiritual Direction It seems that there once were some fish who spent their days swimming around in search of water. Anxiously looking for their destination, they shared their worries and confusion with each other as they swam. One day they met a wise...

Hurting places.

Spiritual direction is about attending to the hurting places, touching them with Love, and allowing them to dissolve in Love. ~ Gayle

Listening deeply.

Spiritual direction is listening for God in others, listening deeply, below the surface, to hear and understand the ways in which people make meaning, engage their world, and struggle with their faith. ~ Adapted from Keith Anderson

Being with one another.

Spiritual direction is a way of being with one another and with God that is relational and that draws from deep wells of real life experiences and interaction with the Holy Spirit. ~ Gayle

The great unfixables.

True spiritual direction is about the great unfixables in human life. It's about the mystery of moving through time. It's about mortality. It's about love. It's about things that can't be fixed. ~ Parker J. Palmer

When Hearts Are Shattered

The little boy’s mother had not had it easy. In a sense, she was a victim. She had come from a long line of alcoholics. Genetically predisposed to alcohol and sex addiction, she coped as best she could. She had married at age 16, given birth to three children before...

“Help Me Get One More”

The first time I heard about Terry Smith was on a Sunday morning in 1994. A married couple sitting in the pew behind me told me they had met a person who was like “Jesus with skin.” I desperately needed some Jesus skin. I had just buried my four-month old infant...

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