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Don’t focus on the battlefield. Focus on the One who will carry you through the battlefield.
~Terry Smith

Peace. For Real.

God is joining together the opposites into something of rich beauty even when I can’t see it.

Peace Has a Name

His name is Jesus.


If Mary, the mother of God, can ask questions, then I probably can too. And it’s okay.

Hi. I'm Gayle.

About Me

I made a mess.
God made a Messiah.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

God is something like water. I am something like fish. Spiritual direction is something like deep sea diving in the ocean of God.



Like the woman who entered Simon’s house and used her tears to wash the feet of Jesus, my words are love’s weeping out of relief and gratitude.

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Okay so here's the deal. There's no pressure. My blog is all about meeting God just as you are right where you are. Full of doubt; without a doubt. Raised fist or raised glass. Flip flops or stilettos. You are welcome!

I'm thrilled we're taking this journey together!


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